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"My husband and I visited Paris this past November.  I had learned about Derek's service last summer and decided to get in touch with him.  We spent 2 days with him going around the different neighborhoods of Paris and had an absolutely delightful time.  I'm an amputee and cannot walk long distances so I take a manual wheelchair everywhere I go.  Derek was great at "pushing" me around and telling us all about the marvelous sights and using the great public transportation in the city.  His love of Paris and everything it has to offer was quite contagious as was his enthusiasm and abundant energy!  The fact that Derek is fluent in French was a real plus for us.  We definitely plan on returning to Paris and using Derek's expertise to finish our sightseeing."
Debra Kerper, Easy Access Travel
Specializing in Travel for The Disabled
"My husband and I hope to include Derek Guzman on our vacations all over the world!  We first used his services in Paris in October 2005, for 4 of the 6 full days we were there.  My husband is a large man in a manual chair;  we hired Derek to guide and to push, and it was worth every euro and then some.  Derek knows Paris, he understands the needs of the person in the fauteuil roulante, he is tireless, funny, and good company.  His cheerful presence and strength made all the difference to our vacation - he watched for potholes and pedestrians while Don and I looked at Paris, and took a zillion pictures."
    Lyn and Don Backe
    Annapolis  MD

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